Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with Equity Mainly Matters

Are you considering significant home improvements or facing unexpected expenses? Equity Mainly Matters offers a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) in Canada, providing a lower-interest solution to access funds for substantial upgrades or debt consolidation.

What Is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a type of Second Mortgage that’s given to the borrower based on the available equity in their property. It has a much lower rate of interest as compared to a traditional line of credit.

Home equity is calculated by deducting the outstanding Mortgage balance from the current appraised market value of the home. As the borrower pays off their Mortgage and builds up equity in their home, a HELOC can give the borrower the means to borrow a part of these funds again.

HELOC funds can be used for Home Renovations, Debt Consolidation, paying higher educational expenses or for any other purpose.

The borrower can use as much or as little of their HELOC balance as they chooses to do so. The best part of a HELOC is that the borrower would only have to pay the interest on the amount that they have withdrawn and not the entire limit of the loan unlike a Second Mortgage or a Home Equity Loan.

How to qualify for a home equity line of credit?

The borrower has to qualify for and be approved for a Home Equity Line of Credit only once. After that the borrower can access his/her Home Equity Line of Credit whenever they elect to do so.

Generally, a minimum down payment or available equity of at least 10% to 20% is required in order for the borrower to get approved. The borrower also needs to have an acceptable credit score, proof of sufficient income, an acceptable level of debt servicing ratios in relation to his/her income, property deed proving ownership, current Mortgage details and an appraisal report confirming the current market value of the property.

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Why Choose a HELOC from Equity Mainly Matters?

  • Home Renovations: Ideal for funding significant home improvements.
  • Education Funding: A smart way to finance higher education in Canada.
  • Debt Consolidation: Combine your debts into one manageable payment.
  • Emergency Funds: Accessible funds for unforeseen expenses.

Understanding HELOCs in the Canadian Context

A HELOC is a flexible credit line that allows Canadian homeowners to borrow against their home equity at lower rates compared to other credit forms. It offers variable-rate interest and flexible repayment options, tailored to your needs.

How Much Can You Access?

  • Up to 80% of your home’s value in combination with a mortgage.
  • Up to 65% as a standalone HELOC.
  • Refinancing or Re-qualification may be required, depending on your situation.

How Does a HELOC Work at Equity Mainly Matters?

  • Easy Access: Withdraw funds as needed, adhering to lender-specific terms.
  • Interest-Only Payments: Manageable payments on the amount you use.
  • Variable Interest Rate: Reflects the current market trends in Canada.

Repaying Your HELOC

  • Flexible Repayment Plans: Tailored to fit your financial situation.
  • No Prepayment Penalties: Freedom to pay off your balance at any time.
  • Settlement Upon Sale: Balance is cleared from the sale proceeds of your home.

HELOC vs. Mortgage Refinancing in Canada

  • HELOC: Flexible access to funds, with interest-only payment options.
  • Refinancing: Lump-sum borrowing with regular principal and interest payments.

Is a HELOC the Right Choice for You?

  • Financial Planning: Ideal for Canadians with a clear usage and repayment plan.
  • Home Equity Requirements: Suitable for homeowners with significant equity.
  • Long-Term Financial Goals: Best for those with a structured financial future.

Calculating Your HELOC Limit in Canada

  • Formula: (Home Value x 80%) – Mortgage Balance = Available HELOC Amount (up to 65% of home’s value).
  • Considerations: Includes CLTV limits and lender-specific criteria.

Understanding HELOC Payments

  • Monthly Interest-Only Payments: Based on the amount borrowed.
  • Principal Payments: Flexible options with no mandatory monthly requirements.

The HELOC Stress Test in Canada

  • Criteria: Based on the Bank of Canada’s benchmark rate or your rate plus 2%.
  • Purpose: To determine a realistic credit limit based on your financial health.

Choosing Between a HELOC and a Second Mortgage

  • HELOC: Offers lower borrowing limits but greater flexibility.
  • Second Mortgage: Higher borrowing potential with a fixed repayment schedule.

Making an Informed Decision

Consider your financial needs, home equity, and repayment ability to decide if a HELOC is suitable for you.

Additional Considerations

  • Credit Score: Understand how a HELOC can impact your credit rating.
  • Responsible Borrowing: Effective management can enhance your credit profile.

Ready to Explore Your HELOC Options in Canada?

Connect with our expert brokers at Equity Mainly Matters for personalized advice. Discover the best rates and products tailored for your needs in Canada. Our service is free and without obligation, aligning with your financial well-being.

Hamilton, Ontario

I had a very pleasant experience working with Shawn Sef at Equity Mainly Matters Loans. We contacted Shawn looking for help in order to pay off our high interest credit card debts. Shawn made the process very easy for us by explaining the Mortgage loan details for the Debt Consolidation Mortgage Solution which he recommended for us. Shawn was actively present every step of the way and was very knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Shawn to my peers due to his knowledge, professionalism and expertise.

Brampton, Ontario

Shawn is extremely passionate about his job. Shawn always demonstrates a positive and professional attitude. His easy going and friendly personality always makes the experience of working with him fun and stress free. Shawn made the entire Mortgage loan process very simple for me to which I’m thankful for. Shawn is very proactive and updates me on a regular basis in regards to my file.

Markham, Ontario

Me and my husband had never worked with a Mortgage Broker before. I needed to consolidate all of my debts. I was paying high monthly interest fees to my creditors and my bank informed me that I couldn’t get approved with them because of my low credit score. Shawn did an excellent job by helping me consolidate and pay off all of my various high interest debts. I’m now debt free. My credit score has improved and I don’t owe creditors any monthly high interest payments. We went from paying $1,650 month towards our credit card debts and loans, to now paying only $520 month which helped us build up a good savings. Shawn rescued us from our creditors and helped us save an extensive amount of money for our families future.


As a first time home buyer, we required a Mortgage broker who was willing to be very patient with us and to explain every detail of the Mortgage loan process and provide us with as much information as possible. Shawn informed us of the exact required down payment amount (based on the types of lenders that we qualified for), fees, closing costs, Land Transfer tax etc. Shawn was very good in providing us with accurate rates, figures and calculations which we realized we could afford the monthly Mortgage payments and make the Home Purchase work. One other important factor was that Shawn kept on top of our file by updating the progress every step of the way which was very important to us. Shawn is very proactive which we appreciated!

Toronto, Ontario

Shawn helped our family obtain a low rate 2nd Mortgage from a Private Lender. Banks turned us down as we failed to meet their requirements for the stress test, income and credit criteria. However, Shawn was able to find various Private Lenders/Investors that were interested in making us an offer and we ended up taking a great offer for a 2nd Mortgage which made the most sense for us. We will definitely refer our family and friends to Shawn in the near future. I can’t say how much I appreciate all the time and effort Shawn put into our file.

Mississauga, Ontario

Shawn demonstrates excellent customer service skills. He’s always very quick to respond to my emails and calls. Shawn helped me get approved twice in the past year alone and I hope to work with him again in the near future. Shawn was very friendly, attentive and dedicated his time and effort by providing me with solid knowledge, expertise and advice which in return helped the process of purchasing my first home very easy and stress free. Shawn even followed up on my behalf with my lawyer in order to finalize all the details. I would highly recommend his services.

Ottawa, Ontario

From the first time I spoke with Shawn Sef, I felt comfortable and at ease which was due to his calm and patient personality and attitude. He was also very understanding and caring to our current situation and needs by providing the best course of action for us to take which made the most sense for our family. Shawn is very knowledgeable within the mortgage field and delivered exactly what he said he would. He even provided us with accurate closing/funding dates from day one. I would definitely recommend Shawn Sef to any borrower looking for a good
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Toronto, Ontario

Shawn had helped my wife and I obtain a 2nd Mortgage from a Private Lender last year. We used the majority of the Mortgage loan proceeds to help renovate/upgrade our home. Once the refurbishments had concluded, we ordered a new appraisal and noticed that our house value had increased substantially. The following year, Shawn helped us refinance both our Institutional and Private Mortgages into a new low rate, 1st Mortgage with an A Lender (Bank) which is going to help us save an extensive amount of money in monthly payments moving forward. I’m very thankful for Shawn’s knowledge, skills and expertise within the mortgage industry which ended up helping us save thousands of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About HELOC in Canada

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

A HELOC is a flexible credit facility that allows homeowners in Canada to borrow against the equity in their home. It typically offers lower interest rates compared to other forms of credit and provides a revolving line of credit, meaning you can borrow and repay as needed.

How does a HELOC differ from a traditional loan?

Unlike a traditional loan that provides a lump-sum amount upfront, a HELOC offers a credit limit that you can draw from as needed. You only pay interest on the amount you borrow, not the entire credit line.

Can I use a HELOC for purposes other than home renovations?

Yes, you can use a HELOC for various purposes, including debt consolidation, education expenses, investments, or covering unforeseen costs. It offers flexibility in how you use the funds.

How much can I borrow with a HELOC in Canada?

Typically, you can borrow up to 65% of your home’s appraised value as a standalone HELOC. When combined with a mortgage, the total borrowing cannot exceed 80% of your home’s value.

What are the repayment terms for a HELOC?

HELOCs usually require interest-only payments on the amount borrowed. However, you have the flexibility to pay more whenever possible, which reduces the principal balance and subsequent interest charges.

Is it easy to qualify for a HELOC?

Qualifying for a HELOC depends on several factors, including your home equity, credit score, income stability, and overall financial health. Equity Mainly Matters can guide you through the qualification process.

How does the interest rate on a HELOC work?

HELOCs typically have variable interest rates, which means the rate can fluctuate based on market conditions. The rate is often linked to the lender’s prime rate.

What is the impact of a HELOC on my credit score?

Like any form of credit, a HELOC can impact your credit score. Responsible use, such as making timely interest payments and managing your overall credit utilization, can positively influence your score.

Can I switch from a HELOC to a traditional mortgage?

Yes, it’s possible to convert your HELOC into a traditional mortgage. This might be a suitable option if you prefer the stability of fixed payments or if interest rates are rising.

How do I apply for a HELOC with Equity Mainly Matters?

Applying for a HELOC with Equity Mainly Matters is straightforward. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll guide you through the application process, ensuring you understand all aspects and requirements.