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Mortgage Agent in Ontario

and as an experienced lending expert, I specialize in helping borrowers who have been turned down by banks and other traditional lenders due to possibly being Self-employed (which means the borrower cannot prove their income to banks and therefore wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage from traditional bank lenders).

I also specialize in assisting borrowers with credit issues. Do you have bad credit or no credit? Do you have low or no income? No Problem! I have helped many clients rebuild their credit by providing them with insights in order to help transition them from a bad credit borrower to a great credit borrower. In some cases the borrower may have low income or no income.

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As long as you have at least 10-20% or more equity in your property, I can get your Mortgage loan Approved!

I’m an educated and experienced Mortgage Agent. I currently hold a Professional Mortgage Agent Licence. I always provide my clients with excellent and unbiased service. I have lots of experience within the Mortgage industry. My experience and expertise within the field has helped my clients achieve a successful winning formula due to providing them with the Mortgage Solution that makes the most sense for them and their families’ short and long term goals and objectives. I will always ensure my clients receive the best possible service regardless of their given unique life situation.

I have access to various types of Lenders/Investors from all across the Province Ontario which includes, Institutional lenders (Banks), B Lenders (Trust Companies), Credit Unions and Private Lenders/Investors. I assess my clients Mortgage inquiries/needs and help pair them up with the appropriate Lender/Investor that would be most suited and beneficial to the client (based on their given unique situation). That Lender/Investor will help my clients achieve overall success by providing my clients with the Mortgage loan Solution that makes the most sense for them and their family based on their short and long term goals and objectives.

I always provide my clients with low rates and fees. I work with a vast variety of 200+ Lenders/Investors from all across the Province of Ontario. These Lenders/Investors help Approve my clients’ Mortgages on a daily basis with the lowest possible rates and fees. Due to having access to an extensive group of solid Lenders/Investors, it helps make the process of shopping my clients’ files and landing the lowest possible rates and fees a much easier process.

I provide my clients with quick quotes. Within the first 5-10 minutes of learning about your Mortgage loan inquiry, I will have a solid, well-executed plan in mind for you. I will help you take the best course of action in order to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your Mortgage loan inquiry/needs.

I’ll always have a solid plan in place that works best for you and your families overall goals. My objective is to help you and your family pay off all of your high-interest outstanding debts in order to relieve a great deal of stress off of your mind and shoulders. I will also help improve your overall credit situation and score which will essentially help you and your family transition towards low rate institutional (bank) lenders.

I’m a highly motivated and driven Mortgage Agent/Professional. I have a large number of clients who have had a successful transition once they acquired my services. I always help my clients achieve overall success by helping them save their hard earned money and eliminating unnecessary stress. Achieving this level of success, motivates me and gives me the drive and determination to continuously push for more positive results for all of my clients.

I take a lot of pride in making myself available to all of my clients on a day to day basis. I’m available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via phone call, email, text message. I’m a very active Mortgage Agent as I like for all of my clients files to always progress towards closing as quickly as possible, in order for my clients to get funded as soon as possible.

I’m a strong believer in giving back to the Community by providing what I can for the less fortunate. I take pride in the partnership that I have with several charities for Communities located from all across the Greater Toronto Area. Together as a team, we help provide food and shelter for the less fortunate people.

I’m a very friendly, trustworthy and reliable individual. You can always count on me to get the job done for you. I’m very experienced and educated within the Mortgage industry. I have clients who call me on a regular day to day basis just to say ‘’Hello’’. I’m a very active Mortgage Agent therefore, I ensure all of my clients phone calls are answered right away and that their emails sent to me are responded to in a very timely efficient manner.


Shawn is a hard-working, reliable, trustworthy, caring and passionate Mortgage Agent with many years of experience within the financial industry. Shawn will arrange for short and long term Mortgage loans that will benefit you and your family throughout your Mortgage loan term.

Shawn is a very firm believer that if there is a solid objective/plan set in motion, it will essentially help prepare and execute you and your families goals of achieving the best possible solution which makes the most sense and is most suited for you and your families overall requirements.


I’m committed to helping my clients obtain the best possible Mortgage Solution regardless of their credit, debt or income criteria. It’s a part of my job to help relieve your stress by helping you get approved for a cost-effective Mortgage while you’re experiencing difficult times.

Once I have helped you transition out of your difficult scenario, I can then transition you into a conventional Mortgage product at the best available rates.


My expertise is to help homeowners get approved for Mortgage loans after they’ve been turned down by banks and other lenders. I will assess your given situation and will execute a solid plan that will help you and your family achieve a successful winning formula which will in return help you and your family save thousands of dollars.

In October 2016, the government of Ontario introduced the new stress test rule which used to apply to insured mortgages where the borrower had less than 20% for the down payment of a home purchase.


“The average borrower does not qualify for Institutional (Bank) Mortgage loans due to the their strict credit and income criteria. This is when I come into play and provide you with expert Mortgage knowledge, advice and guidance in order to help pair you up with an alternative Mortgage lender who will help you obtain the lowest possible interest rates which will in return help you and your family save thousands of your hard-earned dollars throughout the term of your Mortgage loan.

Unlike many other Mortgage Agents that part ways with their clients, once their Mortgage loan has been arranged, I will continuously makes all possible efforts in order to help ensure you rebuild your credit and improve your overall credit score. I will personally make myself available by touching base with you regularly in order to provide you with expert advice.

I will also continuously provide you with insight guidance and suggest the best possible course of action for you to take which will in return help transition you with the best possible lending Solution (based on your given unique situation) which would make the most sense for you and your families short and long term goals and objectives.”

Hamilton, Ontario

I had a very pleasant experience working with Shawn Sef at Equity Mainly Matters Loans. We contacted Shawn looking for help in order to pay off our high interest credit card debts. Shawn made the process very easy for us by explaining the Mortgage loan details for the Debt Consolidation Mortgage Solution which he recommended for us. Shawn was actively present every step of the way and was very knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Shawn to my peers due to his knowledge, professionalism and expertise.

Brampton, Ontario

Shawn is extremely passionate about his job. Shawn always demonstrates a positive and professional attitude. His easy going and friendly personality always makes the experience of working with him fun and stress free. Shawn made the entire Mortgage loan process very simple for me to which I’m thankful for. Shawn is very proactive and updates me on a regular basis in regards to my file.

Markham, Ontario

Me and my husband had never worked with a Mortgage Broker before. I needed to consolidate all of my debts. I was paying high monthly interest fees to my creditors and my bank informed me that I couldn’t get approved with them because of my low credit score. Shawn did an excellent job by helping me consolidate and pay off all of my various high interest debts. I’m now debt free. My credit score has improved and I don’t owe creditors any monthly high interest payments. We went from paying $1,650 month towards our credit card debts and loans, to now paying only $520 month which helped us build up a good savings. Shawn rescued us from our creditors and helped us save an extensive amount of money for our families future.


As a first time home buyer, we required a Mortgage broker who was willing to be very patient with us and to explain every detail of the Mortgage loan process and provide us with as much information as possible. Shawn informed us of the exact required down payment amount (based on the types of lenders that we qualified for), fees, closing costs, Land Transfer tax etc. Shawn was very good in providing us with accurate rates, figures and calculations which we realized we could afford the monthly Mortgage payments and make the Home Purchase work. One other important factor was that Shawn kept on top of our file by updating the progress every step of the way which was very important to us. Shawn is very proactive which we appreciated!

Toronto, Ontario

Shawn helped our family obtain a low rate 2nd Mortgage from a Private Lender. Banks turned us down as we failed to meet their requirements for the stress test, income and credit criteria. However, Shawn was able to find various Private Lenders/Investors that were interested in making us an offer and we ended up taking a great offer for a 2nd Mortgage which made the most sense for us. We will definitely refer our family and friends to Shawn in the near future. I can’t say how much I appreciate all the time and effort Shawn put into our file.

Mississauga, Ontario

Shawn demonstrates excellent customer service skills. He’s always very quick to respond to my emails and calls. Shawn helped me get approved twice in the past year alone and I hope to work with him again in the near future. Shawn was very friendly, attentive and dedicated his time and effort by providing me with solid knowledge, expertise and advice which in return helped the process of purchasing my first home very easy and stress free. Shawn even followed up on my behalf with my lawyer in order to finalize all the details. I would highly recommend his services.

Ottawa, Ontario

From the first time I spoke with Shawn Sef, I felt comfortable and at ease which was due to his calm and patient personality and attitude. He was also very understanding and caring to our current situation and needs by providing the best course of action for us to take which made the most sense for our family. Shawn is very knowledgeable within the mortgage field and delivered exactly what he said he would. He even provided us with accurate closing/funding dates from day one. I would definitely recommend Shawn Sef to any borrower looking for a good
Mortgage broker.

Toronto, Ontario

Shawn had helped my wife and I obtain a 2nd Mortgage from a Private Lender last year. We used the majority of the Mortgage loan proceeds to help renovate/upgrade our home. Once the refurbishments had concluded, we ordered a new appraisal and noticed that our house value had increased substantially. The following year, Shawn helped us refinance both our Institutional and Private Mortgages into a new low rate, 1st Mortgage with an A Lender (Bank) which is going to help us save an extensive amount of money in monthly payments moving forward. I’m very thankful for Shawn’s knowledge, skills and expertise within the mortgage industry which ended up helping us save thousands of dollars.

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